Selling Your Home: 4 Essential Steps to Success

You’ve decided it’s the right time to sell your house, but where do you start? Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to do is hire a Realtor, but how do you find one if you don’t know one already?

Finding a real estate agent is just 1 of 4 preliminary steps you should take before listing your house.

Talk to your friends. Ask who they used and if they liked them. You’ll also want to go to open houses to meet real estate agents. Is the agent friendly and knowledgeable, or does she keep her nose buried in her phone the entire time? Keep in mind, the way the realtor treats that open house is EXACTLY the way she will treat yours.

Find out what your asking price should be with your realtor. You’ve probably been on real estate websites. What you need to keep in mind, is the information is not always up to date. If it’s a site that gives you an exact estimate of your home, it may be off by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. They don’t know if the other homes sold are completely up to date, or 1970’s avocado green. When you go to those open houses, take a look to see if they are really comparable in ways other than just square footage. I know it’s hard, but try to be as objective as possible when comparing other houses to yours. Your Real Estate Agent will be more expert in determining your best price. Together, you will develop the right strategy to get your house sold.

Now is the best time for a garage sale, or a trip to a donation center. You’ll also want to pack up your family photos, out of season wardrobe, and all the little trinkets sitting around. Take a good look through your rooms. You may have the perfect amount of furniture for living in your home, but perhaps a little too much for selling your house. I suggest getting the storage bin that sits in your driveway. You fill it up and they take it away for storage. Of course, this is another area to trust your Realtor, we've been through thousands of houses and know exactly what buyers are looking for at any given time.


Portable storage companies drop a container that you or you hire them to fill up and they take it away and store your items. Image by Units Storage

Next, take care of any necessary repairs. If it has just rained and the roof leaked, it’s important to fix it. A few hundred dollars now could save you thousands when it comes time to negotiate repairs. This is all part of preparing for a successful, and profitable, sale.

Find a knowledgeable realtor you like and research what your asking price should be. Clean and organize your house to sell and make sure you take care of any repairs. If you take care of these essentials, the rest of the selling journey will be a cinch.

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